Sunday, 9 June 2013

Style Sunday | Nina Nesbitt

Hey Hey!
Nina Nesbitt.... If you haven't heard of her YouTube her right now!
She's a Scottish singer/songwriter and has supported big names like Ed Sheeran and Example.
In my opinion she has such an amazing voice, along with a great sense of style and gorgeous big blonde hair.

Bit tired after the Lipsy awards last night, thank you for my award @LipsyLondon

Her style is quiet laid back and indie mixed with rock and it's also quite girly at times. 

Had a fun day photoshoot! Off to party now, in the rain…
I love the mix of the laid back top and jacket mixed with the gladiator style heels.

I'm a big fan of the studded leather jackets mixed with the skirt and tights, I love the look of the dressed up but dressed down at the same time look.

Some of my favorite looks...

-Renee xxx