Friday, 4 October 2013

One Direction 2013!

Hey Hey!

*Warning!* This is going to be quite a big post! I haven't blogged in ages because of year 12 and study but I had to make time for this one! On the first of October a friend and I headed off to Melbourne for 3 days. With the main reason to see One Direction! I actually can't write how excited I was for this day!
I'd been waiting well over a year! *crazy*

What I wore?

I went for the monochrome look and went with this!
Top - Jay Jays, Leggings - Supre, Boots - Dotti, Clutch - Kmart

We left our hotel at 5pm to get there really early, now I wouldn't advice this as we were stuck out in the freezing cold for well over an hour waiting to even get in the building.... but we were at the front of our line so I guess that's a plus!

Finally we got in at 6:45! Then we set on our mission to find our seats. Now I was really worried because I knew our seats where on the side of the stage and I thought we wouldn't be able to see very much but OH MY GOD our seats were perfect!! They were incredibly close could not of been happier!!!

One Direction's support act '5 Seconds of Summer' (5SOS) were amazing! They put so much energy into there performance and they are all so attractive! My fav song of their's is defiantly 'Heartbreak Girl'. Be sure to check it out HERE !!!

Then finally at 8:30 it was time for One Direction!

They were exactly how I thought they would be! I still can't actually believe that I was there!! The atmosphere was amazing, and the crowd was incredibly loud!!!! The concert was perfect <3

Here's a little clip of Liam to show how close we were ANNDD we even got a wave off Liam!! (Which is in this clip). and one off Zayn. Ahhhaggjjgoadfandnfafjd!!

Harry's obviously pointing at me........
Even at one point Harry had bright yellow shorts on his head.... standed.

Overall it was one of the best nights of my life so far! 
It was so amazing to finally see them in real life and perform :)

-Renee xxx