Sunday, 25 August 2013

L'Oreal Preference Hair Dye | Review

O Hey :)
Recently I decided to dye my hair completely brown.
I decided to do this after a long time of having unhealthy blonde hair and ombred hair.

(Excuse the awkward lighting)
Having darker hair has made it so much more healthier! As well as making to look as though I have more hair, as unfortunately I have the most thin hair :/

What did I use?

Not having alot of money at the moment as I'm sick and unable to work, I decided to use a home job kit.
I used ''L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference'' in 'Dark Brown''
I picked this one up for $10 in Chemist Warehouse on sale, I'm pretty sure it's usually around $20 normal price.

The mixture wasn't as pasty as most hair dyes it had more of an oily texture. The color turned out great as well as being really shiny! Only down side was the smell! All windows were open and fans were on to stop me from dying! 
Overall I really loved this dye and would def use it again and recommend it!

-Renee xxx

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