Saturday, 25 January 2014

Style Sunday | Kylie Jenner

Oh Hey!
I haven't done a Style Sunday in FOR-EV-ER!
I'm a big fan of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' and at the moment i'm in loveeeee with Kylie Jenners fashion! I personally think the Kardashians/Jenners have a great fashion sense. (Exept that one time Kim wore what looked like an old ladies couch....)

I love Kylie's shorter hair at the moment. Even I have been so tempted to cut mine to this length!

By far one of my favorite looks of hers is the boots and shorts combo and I would do anything for that bag!  

These red carpet looks are so simple but they are some of my faves, staying in trend with the black and white theme that has been seen a lot lately.

Some of my favorites at the moment!
Love the large sunnies!

-Renee xxx


  1. The new hair tempted me too, she looks so good! Great post xx

  2. Ah I love Kylie's style! I feel like Kendall's gets more attention but Kylie is more stylish, casual and cool to me. Love this :D

  3. She definitely has impeccable style for her age.We actually prefer her shorter ahir and that lace top she's wearing in the first picture is gorgeous!

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  6. Hi Babe,

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award, check my recently blog post :)

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  8. She definitely has some gorgeous style, and hair!! I used to have my hair this length and within an hour of the chop absolutely regretted it. Looking at hair like Kylie's gives me that little bit of hair envy! haha
    Hope you're having a lovely day and congratulations on lasting a whole year blogging! Definitely awesome :)

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  9. She has such an effortless fashion sense and it always looks amazing. Im jealous of her all round and I'm in love with her hair! Lovely blog post sweet!

    Ive just nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can find all the information here on the link below. Have a lovely day!:)

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  11. Hey!
    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! x

  12. Im also a huge fan of keeping up with the kardashians. Sometimes I watch their shows just to see what they wear.

  13. She always looks amazing. I love the hair too.

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  14. I love her short hair! She always looks so effortlessly stylish :) x

  15. She is definitely my favourite of them all, she has such an amazing style! xx

  16. Weird how success (and money of course) can change someone. Great post though, her outfits are incredible. Xx

    Jéssica |