Saturday, 9 February 2013

Style Sunday | Perrie Edwards

I thought it would be an idea if I tried out a kind of 'Style Sunday' type of thing and see how it goes :)
So unless you live under a rock with a fat man sitting on top of it you would of heard of Perrie Edwards from Little Mix.

Little Mix came onto the scene after winning the 2011 UK Xfactor. They than shot straight to number 1 with there debut single "Cannonball" They have just recently realised there album 'DNA' which includes the songs Wings and dna. Perrie is also currently dating One Direction member Zayn Mailk.

Now I love everything about Perrie from her hair to her fashion! Perrie for a long time had blonde/white hair for quiet a long time but just recently she has gone for a purple and it looks great! I do prefer her blonde hair though. She also wears a lot of flower head bands through her hair creating a hippy kind of style.

Now if I could have one celebs wardrobe it would have to be Perries! She usally has boho/hippy/rock style going on and she can pull them all off! Below are some of my favorite outfits of hers :)

These outfits are both quiet simple, I love crop tops matched with high waisted shorts atm, and I like how well the doc martin styled shoes go with it. On the right hand picture I think Perrie pulls off disco pants so well! and I just love the outfit overall.

I wont gabble on to much but I think Perrie really pulls off white dresses so well! and as in the white picture I think that the boho style suits her the most.
And of course after Perrie was seen wearing the Geek shirt from Topshop, anyone and everyone went out and brought it! 

-Renee xxx

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