Thursday, 28 November 2013

What Annoys Me On Twitter!

Ahhh Twitter. My friend as well as my weakness.
 I'll admit I'm a big user of Twitter and tweet a bit to much but there are aspects that annoy me...
So what annoys me the most on Twitter?

Everyone's received the DM "lose 30 pounds by clicking on this link ect.." Are you saying I'm fat!? or even just the accounts that send around "Thanks for following me, follow me on Instagram!*insertion of link that sends out the messages*
They wiz me right off and automatically get an unfollow.
2. Spamming Celebs - Now I am guilty of spamming celebs *cough One Direction* and I don't mind someone spamming around 20-50 tweets to a celeb as it doesn't really clog up my timeline BUT WHEN someone spams up to 500 tweets at one time (I have witnessed this) I think... that's annoying me, other people and the whole wide world including Santa... please go away *unfollows*
3. This is a personal one but, crude twelevies - The amount of 12 and 13 year olds tweeting about how they want to do "sexual acts of pleasure" to celebs particularly One Direction and Justin Beiber really worries and annoys me. Now at the age of 13 boys still had germs and I didn't know a thing about nookie. And the amount of detail they go into really scares me.. Lets just say the next generation of writer's will be competing to have the best porn book.

Thanks for reading!
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-Renee xxx

Monday, 25 November 2013


Oh Hey!
Really quick post, I'm a completely clumsy and accidently deleted my bloglovin account... Whoops!
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-Renee xxx

AMA's 2013 | Red Carpet

Oh Hey!
First post in over a month!!! Mainly as I've just finish school forever!
Now I can blog again *yay*.
Here's my thoughts on this years AMA's.

Christina Aguilera looked simply stunning in this White Colum Maria Lucia Hohan Gown. Many of the celebs on the red carpet this year embraced the 'cut-out' trend and Christina was defiantly one of my favs in this gown.
Showing more of her 'sexier' side Taylor Swift wore a Gold Mini Dress by Julien Macdonald. Personally I love the whole look from her hair to her shoes.
Maybe just maybe she was trying to get Harry Styles attention away from new flame Kendall Jenner?
Ariana Grande looked absolutely gorgeous as always in a Strapless red Dolce & Gabbana Dress, and her performance on the night was amazing!
Being a massive fan of the Kardashians I couldn't wait to see what Kendall and Kylie Jenner wore. Kendall wore a barely there white cut-out mini dress with a statement statement necklace.
While Kylie went down the sophisticated route and wore pants with a crop top. I also loved Kylies first appearance of her new hair style! Bangs on her look stunning!
One Direction just look good in anything to be honest. Colour coordinated in greys and blacks the boys looked great on the red carpet!
I just want to comment on how attractive Liam is in trench coats!
Can you tell where Zayn's beard starts and ends!? ;)
2013 American Music Awards – Arrivalsheidi-klum-american-music-awards-2013
Woahhh Miley Cyrus covered up a bit! She wore a white pant suit which I really was not a fan of....
 Oh my, this dress on Heidi Klum is wrong in every single way possible! It's not flattering at all and looks a mess. Now I'm pretty sure that I could create this dress with some black paper and string. Ugh.
Emma Roberts is just so gorgeous but this Lanvin Gown looks like a shiny garbage bag. Not one of my favourites of the night.
Katy Perry is one of my favourite people at the moment but this dress just didn't do it for me... or the hair.. or the clutch.
 Thanks for reading!
-Renee xxx