Thursday, 20 March 2014

Instagram Posts / Where I've Been!

Oh hey! 
I haven't blogged in what feels like 100 years! Buuutttt there is a good reason why :) In the last month I packed up my room and moved 6 hours away to start Uni in Melbourne! So let's say I've been quiet busy. I've had no internet for the past month which has reminded me what the Stone Age was like.
Anywho here are some posts from my Instagram on things that I've been up to in the past month and a bit while making Melbourne my new home!
Lunch with Sazza Dawg and Rav Dawg. Best names? Yes.
This cereal is god even if I did have to have it on the floor of the unit I'm renting.... 
I now have furniture though ;p

Exploring Melbourne... There's a chain of tea stores called 'T2' which have so many different teas which taste delish... But not going to lie I just go there and try all the testers ;) 
Purchased some thickets to see Reece Mastin and Taylor Henderson which is next week!
So I've never been to Starbucks in the 18 years I've been alive so here's the first time I went... I got the thingy on the left. Oh I'm so great at describing things. 

Took my first vist to the Melbourne aquarium. It was fab. 

May or May not of brought a fighting fish and named him Colin.

O week (Orientation week) at Uni. Got a sneaky pic with North Melbourne AFL footballer Drew Petrie! (I don't look crash hot) 

#cosmooncampus ;) check it out on instagram!

Photo booth time at uni!

If you ever happen to be in Melbourne and stroling down Bourke Street Mall be sure to check out these two German musicans 'Amistat'. They're goooooooood!

Being a poor university student and all I decided to buy myself an Ipad. Logic. 
Absolutely love it though!

For more photos you can check out my instagram @itsreneeallen !
Hope you enjoyed this quick post :)
-Renee xxx