Monday, 28 January 2013

Budget Beauty | Ulta3 Nail Polish

Hey, Hi, Hello.
I've decided to do a few posts of easy affordable makeup and beauty products that really anyone can afford and give you my good old opinion on them. :) 
Ulta3 Nail Polishes - I've been using them from years and love them. There are some faults but they are great for there price!
They can be picked up at mainly any local chemist, I've never seen them in price line though. They come in at just the cheap price of $2 !! Now of course they wont be as good quality as the higher end nail polishes, but I find that these stay on for quiet a long time.
There colour selection is hugeeeee! They range from natural shades, metallic, neon's,  darks, pastels, top coats and glitters.
The formula is quiet thin so you will have to apply at least 2 - 3 coats. 4 being at the most.
Above are my 4 favourite shades at the moment. 
 (Left to Right)
Envy - Is a very metallic glittery silver shade, I've found out of all the nail polishes in this brand this is the one that barely chips and only needs 1-2 coats.
Sunset Pink - A great summer colour, it's basically a hot pink. After 2 coats it's basically the colour in the bottle, the only downside I found of this one is that after about a week and a half of wearing it turns a dull red!
Hollywood - An amazing metallic blue that is long wearing!
Black Plum - It goes on as a very deep purple and I love it. Its long wearing like Hollywood and makes a great winter colour.
There is a downside with some of the colours, like baby pink and lemon tart. They are sooooooo streaky and need one million coats to put on, and by the time you have finished you basically have the whole bottle on your nails. :(
Other then that I highly recommend them, though you may get addicted to them as I usually end up buying at least 4 at a time since they are such a great price :) 

-Renee xxx
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  1. Lovely colours, I was looking for a yellow shade like yours but can't find it anywhere x

  2. Love these shades!
    Katie xx