Saturday, 26 January 2013

Review | Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Hey, Hi, Hello. 
This is my first blog post and I thought what better then to do one of my all time favorite beauty products!
The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. 
I purchased mine in 'Soft Beige' . Now I actually think I may of been asleep while I purchased this shade as it's a million shades to dark for me as i'm white as a ghost! (No offence to ghosts) but it has done me well this summer as i've been tanned. There are only 7 shades available so there isn't going to be a match for everyone. 
The bottle claims that the foundation has an anti-fatigue effect with a radidant glow, I believe it does just that!  It really brightens up your face giving it a healthy glow which I look for as I have such dull skin.
This foundation has a medium coverage, but is very builderable without looking or being to heavy.
 If you do look very closely at the actual foundation you'll see that it looks very shimmery, some people debate over weather its good or not  I found that it doesn't  show up extremely shimmery unless your under a very very bright light. But I love the shimmer in it. The SPF 15 makes this foundation even better as I don't have to apply any sunscreen and found that the foundation was enough alone cause after all you've gotta slip slop slap espesh in the Aussie heat! Also the product has a pleasant smell, to me its kinda fruity and summery!

I found that this was quiet a thick foundation, but it has really easy application and the bottle includes a pump which makes life that little bit easier again. 
Lastly I just loveeeeeeee the packaging. I comes in a glass bottle making in look high end, and overall I just love it!
When I purchased mine its was $20 from Priceline, that was months ago though, lately I've been seeing them on  sale everywhere for $17 and below. I overall love this product and recommend it :)

-Renee xxx
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  1. I have dry skin and this foundation is brilliant for me. I have actually replaced my MAC foundation with this! :) x

    1. Yeah I found it great for dry skin :)
      That's good + plus its so much cheaper :D

      -Renee xxx