Monday, 16 December 2013

I've finished school!

Hey there!
Quite recently I finished school... forever!!!!
At the moment i'm really glad I've finished but i'm sure i'll start to miss it soon enough.

I particularly found year 12 quite challenging as I did most of my school work from home as I haven't been well for the past few years, but I am proud of myself that I did finish all my classes and completed year 12!

Yesterday I got my exam results and they really were not at all what I wanted but it is after all just a number. Even with poor scores I'm still planning to get into uni next year as I plan to move to Melbourne.

Although I missed out on a lot of school and events this year it was still great and I'm so glad I've finished my 13 years of schooling! :)
Here are some photos from the schooling year....

Swimming Sports.

Cross Country.

VCE Ball.

Athletics Day.

Valedictory Dinner.
Dress from

Thanks for reading!
-Renee xxx


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  2. Great blog! Love your content - im a new follower too :)

  3. Congratulations and good luck at uni!

    xo Franchesca

  4. Hey there :)
    Your blog is so sweet! I've just recently come back from a break and have started up my blog again with a new theme...come check it out :)

    Love x