Tuesday, 10 December 2013

No Eyebrows!?

Oh Hey,
Imagine a world without eyebrows, now what a great sight that would be!
I myself don't have eyebrows that stand out. They are so blonde! Even in this picture they appear darker than they really are.

I've never touched my eyebrows in any way in the 18 years I've been on this earth and now that I have dark hair my eye brows look non existent. 
I like to have stronger eyebrows that stand out as they can really change the look of your face and the shape of it.

So what do I use to fill my eyebrows?

I use Maybelline Master Shape eye studio pencil. It's defiantly one of my favorite products ever! It's a waxy consistency which keeps your eyebrows in place all day along with great color payoff! I use the shade deep brown but if you prefer a lighter brown and have dark hair i'd use the soft brown.
So I defiantly recommend this product 102%
Thanks for reading and here's a look into life without eyebrows! (to funny!)

Browsell Brand

Rebecca Brow

Emma Browtson

-Renee xxx


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