Sunday, 5 January 2014

Big Hair, Is Good Hair!

Hey! First up I'll say Happy New Year! :)

I'm going to straight up say that I'm not a fan of flat hair and I'm always doing as much as possible to get my hair as big as possible! Though I do struggle at times as there is not much of my hair, it's very thin and grows at the slowest rate ever.

But no matter what type of hair you have there are many ways to create big voluminous hair, here are some of my tips...

1. Blow drying your hair upside down - This is one of the very first tips that I used when I wanted bigger hair, it gives minimal results but is one of the easiest.

2. Using hair extensions - Hair Extensions are are great for BIG HAIR. They add and give the illusion of having more hair with volume. You can get them done at a hair salon which can be quite pricey or even buy clip ins which are a lot more better for your bank account. Best Hair Buy have a large range of great priced hair extensions and hair accessories. Hair extensions are also great as they can create length to your hair! I myself love the look of hair extensions for volume as long as the hair extension itself matches and blends into your hair. 
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3. Hair Teasing - Okay, Okay... You're probably thinking, 'Oh My Gawd, Don't tease your hair!'.
Yes I know, teasing is bad for your hair but I know so many people who do it. 
I myself love doing it as you can chose to tease a little bit or a lot for really, really big hair! I find that it's quick and easy and is always my go to when wanting that little bit more volume.

4. Dry Shampoo - This should be everyone's secret weapon! I simple spray to the roots of your hair then brushed through creates instant volume!

5. Using a Curling Iron - Pretty much everyone would know of this one! By curling your hair it creates the look of bigger hair. I myself after curling grab a brush and brush through any curls I've creates to separate them making them more spread out and bouncy!

So if you fancy trying out bigger hair be sure to try some of these tips!

-Renee xxx


  1. I'm also not a fan of flat hair! great post, some really good tips with a hint of humour ha x

  2. such a good post! I hate when my hair goes flat

  3. I agree I always love big hair tbh I can't leave the house without it :) x

  4. we sometimes have trouble with flat hair when we wake up, and hate it! Our hair is dead straight, so it's hard to get volume without teasing it. But since teasing your hair isn't too great for it, we love using dry shampoo for some added volume!