Friday, 8 February 2013

January Favorites

Hey, Hi, Hello :)
So I hope everyone had a great start to the year! It's now a week into February so I thought i'd do my January favorites for the first time. So here's just a few items I've enjoyed during the month.

Firstly I have loved the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, its a great summer foundation and I've been using it all during January, I won't ramble on about it because I've done a full review on it which you can take a look at here :)
A non beauty fave is my one direction usb which is 8GB. It may be THE best usb I've ever owned! I picked it up at office works for $15, but now they are available for $9.99, here . Well worth it if you're a one direction fan like myself.

The next 3 items are all pink! Now I've never really been into pink but it is really growing on me.
For my nails I've been loving Ulta3's sunset pink nail polish, it's only $2, how can you go wrong! To read more on this nail polish and other colors I've reviewed the brand right here.

Now I get extremely chapped dry and horrible lips, and I've always found that the lush lip scrubs always work the best! I was recently in Adelaide and popped into lush and picked up the bubblegum lip scrub for $9.99. I previously had the chocolate/vanilla scrub, but the bubblegum one is a major winner for me. I exfoliates well, smells amazing and tastes incredible! Not going to lie I eat about half of these jars when ever I get one.

My fave perfume for this month is Avons 'Secret Fantasy'. It smells of a blend of red fruits and flowers with a hint of white musk. Its quiet a sweet scent and great for summer. I love the bottle and the little key chain that is on it which you have to remove to use it. One down thing is that it does not have a lid which I don't really like. 

This is my second tube of the Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara. The first one I had was waterproof and I wasn't to happy with it. My mum then brought me home the normal one and I love it! I love the formula and I much prefer plastic/rubber bristles on my mascara brushes which it has, but that's not up everyone's ally. and of course it vibrate..... which I hate! Which makes it so hard to apply, so I just don't turn it on.

Lastly is a pair of shoes. Now I cant tell you what store I got them from because I was on holidays and  I don't know the name of the store :P They are basically just a high top which i'm really loving at them moment with a leopard print design which I've also been loving! 

My song for this month is McFly - Love is easy.

-Renee xxx
Be Kind.Be Yourself.Be Beautiful 


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  2. ive just got the wake me up foundation and im a convert... i LOVE it! xx