Saturday, 23 February 2013

Style Sunday | Cher Lloyd

Happy Sunday! So today's Style Sunday is on the tiny Cher Lloyd. Now people have mixed feelings about her but I absoulty love her and her attitude! And of course I can't get enough of her style.

Cher pulls of so many clothing styles from really girly to gangster style.... (If thats even a style, but you get the jist) She's small and petite but still can pull off so many looks. I'd actually kill for her wardrobe. She also has a "tough" attitude about her, plus she has many tattoos!
Her hair colour is usally brown, and she can really pull of the one side of your head shaved look in my opinion. She once did go with bright red hair... That wasn't so great....

Cher wears alot of these tutu style dresses while performing, I love how she dresses them down with a pair of sneakers to give the look her own style.
This is actually one of my favorite outfits of Chers (There's a poster of her in this on my wall!) I love the cute polka dot top with the leather look racer skirt and I just LOVE the accessories. The two above are definatly two of Cher's girlier looks.
Cher can really pull of anything! Some of her less girlier looks. I think she simply looks great in doc martens.

Lucky last but not least, Cher in her XFactor days! She even pulled of trackies and high tops back then. 
(Check out the hair on Niall thou!!! )

Hope you enjoyed this weeks style sunday :) Enjoy your week!

-Renee xxx

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