Saturday, 16 February 2013

Style Sunday | Demi Lovato

For my second Style Sunday I thought i'd do the gorgeous Demi Lovato.
I've been a major fan of hers ever since she stared in 'Camp Rock'. Shes been through so many personal struggles and she's made her way though and I know she's an inspiration to so many people.

She's been though so many hair colour changes and suited them all so well, and her style is simply amazing! Demi has great curves and can pull off mainly anything, she's defiantly someone to look up to. 

This dress that Demi wore to the 2012 People’s Choice Awards has been one of my favorite looks for a long time. It's not something she would usally wear and her figure looks amazing in it.
Last year Demi went blonde for a while, I loved it! + I really want this denim jacket!
(Below are some of my favorite street styles of hers)

And of course a healthy curvy Demi beats a skinny unhealthy Demi anyday! :)

-Renee xxx

Be Kind.Be Yourself.Be Beautiful


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  2. Hey! Great blog post! I Love Demi Lovato's style :)
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    1. Thanks for following! :) Just followed you back, love your blog!

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