Friday, 8 March 2013

Ed Sheeran 2013!

Hey Hey! :)
So on Wednesday the 6th of March I went to the Ed Sheeran concert in Melbourne! And i'm going to tell you now it was AMAZING! I got up at the crack of dawn a 4am and had a 6 hour bus ride down to Melbourne. Mega boring! I arrived in Melbourne around 11am and there were already people outside festival hall, luckily I didn't have to line up as I had seating tickets :) I also went with 2 other friends who got a later bus and didn't arrive until 5pm. (Oh and my mum traveled down with me, so cheers for that mum!)

What I wore
Peplum top - Cotton On
Plain black skirt - Cotton On
Black wedged boots - Dotti

It was stinking hot in Melbourne that night so I didn't put to much effort into my hair or makeup!
The show started at 7:30 with Ed's first support act Gabrielle Aplin. Followed by his other support act Passenger. Passenger was great! He has such a unique voice, i'm def a fan of him now! :)
And then finally at 9 O'clock Ed came out!!!

A list of what he sang last night.... (By my memory) :P
Give Me Love
Grade 8
Wayfaring Stranger (Cover)
Small Bump
Wake Me Up 
Be My Husband by Nina Simone (Cover)
Kiss Me with Gabrielle Aplin
No Diggity (Cover)

Heart's On Fire by Passenger with Passenger 

Lego House
You Need Me, I Don't Need You 
Parting Glass (cover of traditional Irish song)
A Team

My highlights of the night:
  • Passenger singing his song 'I hate' 
  • Ed singing 'Wayfaring Stranger' the whole room was quiet during the whole song it was amazing, he even sang a bit of the song without a microphone it was chilling!
  • Ed singing Wake Me Up and UNI - My favorite songs of his!
  • During his cover of ' Be My Husband' he all got us singing the chorus 
  • Passenger and Ed did a duet of Passengers song 'Hearts on Fire' its such a beautiful song, and there voices sounded so amazing together!
  • Ed getting everyone to be quiet by doing a 'Univeral shhhhhhhhhh'
  • He then spoke about if someone is making noise you shouldn't hit them but stroke them... if not stroke harder.... and of course some girl started yelling stuff, and he said they should be stroked xP
  • When Ed came back on the stage for the encore with the aussie flag and sung 'You need me, I dont need you' i swear to god it went on for 10 minutes!!!! It was legit extordinary to watch! It's the best thing I have ever seen, like ever!
  • He ended the night with his hit A Team which of course everyone sang along to.
  • Just the fact that Ed does all the music himself, its great to watch him slowly build up each song!

I could actually contintue to write about the concert for hours about how much I loved it. Overall it was an amazing night! Everyone has to see Ed live at least once before they kick the bucket!
He is the most extorinary performer. I definatley want to see him live again!

-Renee xxx

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