Thursday, 28 March 2013

Face of Australia | Lip Quench Lipstick

Hey :) Hope your all well!
Recently i've purchused the Face of Australia Lip Quench Lipstick and thought i'd do a quick revyouuuuuuu. ?? hah.
Firstly it's enriched with natural moisturisers including Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. It's also SPF 30. Sounds good right!?
The packaging actually has alot of writing on it which is different for a lip stick and I found it hard to get the lid off but I did like the matte finish on the packaging as well as a window which it has on the top with makes it so much eaiser to find.
I purchsed mine in 'Pink Champage'
It's quiet a bright pink and reminds me alot of fairy floss!
I'll say now it's extremly moisturising and I do love the colour on but it really isn't for people with constant dry lips like myself. If you have the slightest dry lips it will sink in and really show off any cracks or dryness showing, well with this colour anyways.
On the plus side on the rare occasion when my lips are smooth it looks great and I certaintly would wear it everyday if I could!
You can see it on me on a recent post by clicking here!

Overall its a fairly good product but this colour is not great with dry lips. I prob wouldn't purchase it again either :)
-Renee xxx


  1. The colour is gorgeous but if it isn't moisturising then we'll have to pass. Thanks for the heads up! great review hun

  2. Beautiful color! I love it! Nice review! xo

  3. Too bad it's drying because it is a wicked colour!
    Found you through the blog hop, new follower here x

  4. I have a lip quench in Lychee Crush and I absolutely love it! It is a little drying as well but the colour is amazing :) x