Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nude by Nature Review | Powders

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Nude by Nature is probably one of my most used make-up brands and i'm not going to lie I'm pretty sure I own almost all there products ranging from foundation, lip gloss, eyeliners, oils, powders brushes and plenty more.
I'm a big fan of this brand as it's GREAT for sensitive skin. I suffer from a few skin conditions I have found that this brand does not make me flare up at all :)

The 3 powders they do are:
Natural Mineral Cover Foundation (Available in Light, light/medium, medium and dark)
-Lightweight and not cakey
-SPF 15
-Radiant look
-Doesn't make me breakout
-Toxic Free 
-Medium Coverage

Mineral Bronzer
-Great sun-kissed color
-A slight shimmer which I love

Mineral Finishing Veil  
-Has a gorgeous glow to it
-Great finishing powder

I purchase mine from Priceline. They offer them in different packs with many things. The latest one I got had all 3 powders, 3 lip glosses, tinted moisturizer and a brush.The price is on the higher end of drug store makeup. A 15ml mineral cover priced at $39.95. I prefer to get the packs which range in price from $14.95 to $189.95. The ones I usually get are around $50.00. 

I defiantly recommend these powders espesh if you have sensitive skin and I'll be doing more reviews of their products in the near future! :)

-Renee xxx

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