Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Blog Everyday In May Day 1: My Life in 250 Words

Hey hey!
So it's the first day of the "Blog everyday in May". Day 1 asks bloggers to tell thier life story in 250 words, here I go! :)

On the 24th of April 1995 I made my first appearance into the world. I was born with a deformity in the hip causing me to live in a big plaster nappy thing for a few months. I made me look like I had a big Nicki Minaj bum but it was ok because it was pink!
Two years later my younger brother was born. Though these days he isn’t so small as he towers over me being over 6ft!
Now onto primary school, I quiet liked it and one of my many memories of it was playing with beanie kids during lunch and recess with my friends. Even one day we got them stuck in a tree….. while it was raining.
Then came high school, I loved year 7 and 8. This one time our teacher sent our whole class to the corner….. He was a tad odd. Then year 10 came along, and year 10 meant one thing, a camp to Queensland! We went to the many theme parks and although I’m not a fan of rides I still loved it. Untill I got sick. I started to feel quiet sick on the second day. I thought it would pass… it didn’t. When I returned home I went to doctor after doctor and had test after test. And now after 2 years I’m still sick. I’ve kinda learnt to get used to it but somedays it stops me from going to school and going out in gereral. But life goes on J
I’m now in my last year of school and can’t wait for it to finish, I hope to move to Melbourne next year and study Fashion and Textiles merchandising in uni.
So that’s my life so far in a TINY nutshell!
-Renee xxx

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