Saturday, 4 May 2013

Blog Everyday In May Day 5: Online Friends - Twitter

Hey Hey! :)
Today is all about online friends! Now of course you have always got to be careful when talking to people on the internet as they may be acting nothing like they really are or they may secretly be a  50 year old man creeping on girls.... erk!!
Most of the friends that I've made online come from twitter. I love twitter as you can interact with people who have similar interests to you and can just chat about one topic for ages.

Are they a fake account or not?
Before I have a convo with someone on twitter though DM (direct message) I do these little tips....

1. I have a read of there bio - People tend to pop their age into there bio, I like to check this as I really don't want to be talking to someone a million years older than me. 

2. I read through some of there tweets - You can usually find what their interests are though their tweets, you can also judge character in the way they write their tweets and the language they use. I myself do curse now and then in my tweets but quiet frankly I don't want to interact with someone who writes like this "@%$#$ you, #$%#% yeah, #$#!%$^$%#$@$%%$####!!!!!"

3. Take a look thorough their pictures - I will NOT speak to someone if they don't have any pictures. Mainly because people who don't are usually fakes. Look for people who have  pictures of everyday life or pictures out with friends ect....

Overall just trust your instincts, oh and there will always be trolls and keyboard warriors out there, they are easily fixed with a simple click of the block button!

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Have a great week!
-Renee xxx

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  1. Those are really good tips! I do most of them too :D By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster award! You can read more here