Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Met Ball 2013 | Best and Worst Dressed

Hey Hey! 
The Met Ball has just come and gone along with many hits and misses on the red carpet, here is my opinion of the red carpet fashion on the night.

Best Dressed

My favorite overall dressed on the night was Cara Delevinge who looked simply amazing in a Burberry studded dress. This year there was a 'punk' look through a lot of celebs red carpet choices. I think Cara's dress did this the best with full length sleeves with the studs.
I also thought fellow Australian Miranda Kerr looked great! but she looks great in pretty much anything.

Between you and me I kind liked what Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing, though its different and kinda looks like a tent I really liked what she was wearing.
Emmy Rossum looked simply gorgeous. I loved her dress, her hair, her make-up and thought it just went well all together.

Worst Dressed

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole........ sorry but you looked horrible. I actually liked the dress, but she looked like a dead corpse! The dark make-up, the white hair.... eh.
Worst dress on the night goes to Kim Kardashian. She looks like a big flower garden! You would think that if you're about to pop a baby you would wear a more flattering dress... but no. Oh, and Kim I can't seem to see your hands!? Ah that's right, cause you have matching gloves on!?!

Kristen are you wearing a fancy onesie that is so ugly it's making you angry!? Oh you're not, my mistake.
I love Miley Cyrus but I'm not really like this look at all! That's what my hair looks like once I get out  of the shower, and I'm not the dresses biggest fan either.

I didn't get Madonna's look at all. It kinda hurts to look at, and she really needs to start dressing her age..... Oh and Barbie called she wants her shoes back.

-Renee xxx


  1. i did a review on this too! some real gorgeous dresses but others.. not so much! love it xx


    1. Yeah there were some shockers!
      Just about to check out your post :)

  2. I always thought people wear the most weird/ridicule dresses at these Met Galas (don´t know why hehe) I love Kristen Stewart and her style, but this look was like.. a model on a weird runway look. Just way too rigid for me. Good choices on the best and worst dressed :D

  3. love the first two dresses gorgeous x