Thursday, 2 May 2013

Blog Everyday In May Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable.

Hey hey!
Yesterday I may of missed day 2... but we won't tell anyone about that! Today's topic is what makes me uncomfortable? There are many things, I could write a whole Christmas list full of them! Here are a few.

  • When people touch my neck. - I can't stand it! I was once at the dentist and he had his finger awkardly sitting on my neck.... I was sooo close to giving him a slap >.<
  • When people cough. - I go straight to cringe city and just want to run away when somebody coughs around me. Espesh when it's all flemy.... ew

  • When old guys call you hun or darling - Self explanitory, who doesn't feel uncomfortable when that happens.
  •  When people stare at you - It's the awkwarest thing ever!! 

-Renee xxx

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